Our Board of Directors

Rise & Shine/Neighbors In Ministry board members work tirelessly, devoting countless hours toward sustaining and growing our remarkable program. We supply vision, set and adopt policies, and direct our skilled and dedicated staff. We take pride in our unwavering commitment in the face of many challenges, and believe this has allowed Rise & Shine to produce exceptional results.

This program may be deemed a nonprofit by the popular definition, but there is no question that the end results are profitable.
— Ella Jones, Board Chair

Ella Jones, Chair
Betsy Griffin, Vice-Chair
Gabrielle Mellendorf, Secretary
Ruth Lentz, Treasurer
Judy Griffin, Assistant Treasurer
Rev. Larry Davis
Phratasia Macon
Michael Cohen
Darlene O'Dell
Ruth Peters

Taking the helm in 2015, Ella Jones (second from right) is no stranger to the challenges people of color face in achieving their goals. She graduated from Shaw University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, then left Brevard as a young adult to find a good career option, beginning at the Pentagon and working in government for more than four decades before retiring from the USDA. Her professional experiences in DC and other places have taught her the advantages of working with a diverse group of people. What Ella most values about Rise & Shine is being able to see the Scholars grow as students, move into the community, and then become upstanding citizens. She knows our program has had a major influence in their lives because she has seen the results first hand.